Hand’s Tourney

High lords and fabled champions had come from all over the realm to compete, and the whole city had turned out to watch. […] The days had rung to the sounds of trumpets and pounding hooves, and the nights had been full of feasts and song.” A Game of Thrones

The Hand’s Tourney has been announced and jousters gather to the capital seeking fame and wealth by taking over this legendary contest. And even champions of the commoner are taking part to challenge the most highborn knights of Westeros !
Over the Blackwater, one can already see colourful pavilions spring up, banners flutter in the wind and zealous squires polish their lord’s armour. Some say the winner of the Joust will be awarded a purse of 40 000 gold dragons, and the second day, a Melee and Archery contest are to be staged. And all will attend a great feast to celebrate the new Hand of the King !
All of you might not belong to the Great Houses of Westeros, yet your place is here and only you can write your name down in history !

Whether you are a hedge Knight striving for glory. A Southron jouster gifting flowers to the jubilant crowd. A stern defender of the Wall all clad in black. A child of winter riding a wolf. A rowdy king wielding a heavy warhammer. The queen’s brother seeking to defend his title. A bastard preparing revenge with a poison spear. An exiled knight secretly in love with a dragon queen. A ship captain ready to ride the waves.
Lord, Lady, Maester, Septa, Priest of the old Gods or the new, born in the Red Keep or the streets of Flea Bottom, come write your name in the White Book !

The banners have been called. Now all but one name will sink to oblivion ! Come to Paris claim victory in the greatest joust of our time ! Do you have what is takes to win the Hand’s Tourney ?