Legal cards
All cards released in VO before saturday, 13th april. Only official FFG alternates are allowed (Unofficial alternates may be considered as blanked cards).

Rules et FAQ
The latest official and tournament rules made available by FFG will be applied.

A decklist will be required at registration. This will include a complete list of the cards (including plots, agenda and faction), specifying the version if necessary (Arya Stark CS or WotN) with the nickname of the player.

Duration and organization of the games
For joust, the round and top matches will last 55 minutes then end of turn.
For melee, the three rounds will last 80 minutes then end of turn.
For the archery side event, the five rounds will last 45 minutes then end of turn.

Organization, referees, etc
The main tournament will be overviewed by a team of experienced and dedicated players/referees who will do everything they can to ensure the best possible event, in both rules and spirit.
But this team is made up of humans, so thank everyone for keeping calm and cheerful at all times. Some exchanges are usually sufficient to solve any difficulties.